Hey! This is Shut Up & Tri where I post stuff about the awesome and addicting sport we all know as Triathlon.

Oh, what is Triathlon, you ask? My apologies. I thought all of us know. It is a sport that consists of three different sports which are:

– Swimming

– Cycling

– Running

All three wrapped up into one sport in the order I listed, ALL DONE ONE AFTER THE OTHER IN ONE EVENT. In other words, you swim, then you jump on your bike, then you go for a run.

There are several “types” of Triathlon to participate in based on overall distances:

– Super Sprint (shortest with usually a 400m swim, 20km bike ride, and 5km run)

– Sprint (usually a 750m swim, 20km bike ride, and 5 km run)

– Standard or Olympic (1500m swim, 40km bike ride, and 10km run)

– Half Ironman aka 70.3 (1900m swim, 90km bike ride, and a 21.1km run)

– Ironman aka 140.6 (3800m swim, 180km bike ride, and a 42.2km run)

Each race is completed within a set time frame. Such as, the Sprint distances are usually finished in 2 hours; the standard or Olympic ones are somewhere in the 3 or 4 hour range, and the Ironmans could take as long as 17 hours.

You must be thinking I’ve made a typo in the two Ironman distances. I understand that you would think that, but I’ve made no mistake. These are the hardest events on the planet. I know someone who squeezed in just before the buzzer in his first Ironman, then on his second, passed out 2km from the finish line only to snap out of it right when the paramedic stuck an IV in his arm. Insane! Crazy!

This site is my story and journey into triathlons, but also to overall fitness, health, and wellness. Hopefully my stories will get you to Shut Up & Tri!