My calves were burning like I’ve never ran in my life, let alone 10 steps. That stupid 5%  decline at the start of the run leg decimated my thighs for a good kilometre. I never got my legs back the whole run. That 5% decline became an incline at the end of the run. I got up half way and said, “screw it! I could probably walk faster.” And so I did. At the top of the hill I made a dash for the finish. By then I couldn’t feel my legs except the burn from all the lactic acid built up. I couldn’t even raise my arms for the finish photo!

I finished my first triathlon, ever.

My time? An hour and thirty-three minutes. I’d become a thriathlete “in training” to a triathlete. The sport hooked another one.

My goal I set in 2008 became a reality in 2016. 8 years! Not because I am lazy, or fearful of the challenge, or anything, but I was sidelined by a major injury, a very long and painful recovery, a major illness, and lack of motivation. Until…

My best friend said, “let’s do a triathlon.” He would go from couch to Sprint Triathlon. Whereas, I’d be going from no motivation to do an event to registering for one and doing it.

My friend’s endurance was non-existent. In fact, he still is not ready to do even a Super-sprint. As for me, I picked up my training and upped the intensity, perfected my sleep schedule, ate more cleanly, and tapered correctly, and practiced my transitions.

Who knew that clicking “Register” would cause all that motivation!?

Technically, I pretty much just Shut Up & Tri. And now I’m hooked to the point I’ve checked out the events in my province and mapped out the events I want to do next year! All by that one motion of clicking “Register”.

I figure if I got motivated, then maybe I can motivate even just one person to take up the sport. Or at worst, you take up only one of the three sports and stick with it. That would mean I made one person more fit and more healthy than they were just yesterday. And that is fine by me.

This is my journey…