It’s raining outside and I really don’t like running when it’s cold and wet. Actually, I was going to call it a rest day since I was planned to do a 30 minute easy run. Alas, there was a break in the weather and my mind was changed.

Usually I’m pin-point focused while running because I like to hit lactate threshold and then dial it back just to below that level. This means I’m breathing pretty hard and I don’t have much room to go up or down. However, today was an easy day, so I was able to relax and enjoy the scenery, and what do I spot lying on the grass? A $20 bill. Check out that mug of Prince Charles wearing a wig (yes, yes, I know it’s Queen Elizabeth, but it looks like Prince Charles, don’t it?). Oh, Canada!


Go outside to train, people! You never know what you’ll discover!