It’s looking like Fall out there. Off in the distance during my run yesterday I saw a maple tree all decked out in its red foliage. I don’t carry a camera or a phone with me when I run so no pics, sorry (and “no pic? Then it never happened. Right?).

This post isn’t about me. This is about my Boxers. Hennessy is my little (90 pounds) girl. I got her in Salmon Arm, British Columbia, Canada. Moose is my big boy (80 pounds) whom I nicknamed Chub-chub. I adopted him from Boxer Rescue LA through the Canadian organization, Rescue a Boxer, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

Those of us whom are familiar with Boxers will know that they don’t like rain and they don’t much prefer the cold. Don’t get me wrong here, they love water, they love the garden hose and puddles, but they hate the rain. When it is raining and I have to let them out I literally have to push these two outside!

The solution to these two hyperactive fur babies for their twice-daily walks during the wet seasons is this:


It might be hard to see but that’s Moose demonstrating how to use a treadmill. As you can see, or not, he does a great job!

Training in the off season has pretty much officially begun and the dust has been brushed off the good, trusted treadmill.

Here is Hennessy from last night testing out the treadmill after so many months of not being on it:


Wow, the pic makes it look as though I had the speed setting to max. I guarantee it was only on a low speed and only for three minutes. And the good news is, it looks like she hasn’t forgotten how to use it!

By the way, she loves the treadmill. No joke. She would often jump on it and sit looking up at the control panel and whining to tell me to turn the thing on. She has even interrupted Moose’s sessions by jumping on the treadmill while it is on to run with her brother. And she has also attempted to jump on the treadmill while I was on it! Typical Boxer!!!

Have fun everyone!